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North Metropolitan TAFE ‘The Graduates 2017’ Fashion Show

Austage provided all the Technical Production for the NMT Fashion Show,  showcasing the fashion created by the students in Western Australia. Each year, Austage Perth endeavour to bring something new to the table through Audio Visual Productions to highlight all the NMT Fashion Students’ hard work.

Government House Ballroom was the new venue chosen this year to hold the annual event. A 14m catwalk was installed to run off the existing venue stage and we utilised the curved ceiling to projection map custom content based on the 17x students displaying their work. Each student had their own designs mapped onto the ceiling and their name “keyed” over the top.

LED lighting was also used to wash the rest of the ceiling as well as the archways around the room which was programmed to complement each category and the students work. This made it a truly unique Audio-Visual experience for everyone but most importantly, the guests.

Live cameras were used to capture and record the event, as well as stream footage backstage to keep all the models and timings on track.

Using Panasonic Projection, Resolume Arena 6, Panasonic Ultra HD Camcorders, EV Evolve Sound System, Clearcomm Wireless Talkback, LED Flood & Strip Lighting.

Photography by Austage Events and Jarrod Seng.




Government House Ballroom




North Metropolitan TAFE