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Asics “I Move Me” Launch featuring Novak Djokovic

To kick off 2018, we got to work (and play) providing all technical production for the launch of Asics’ “I Move Me” campaign featuring Novak Djokovic, a global Tennis star.

Working with Light Year Productions and their tech partner, Exposure, we created a fully interactive tennis court in a secret Melbourne basement. Showcasing real training drills Djokovic would do in preparation for the 2018 Australia Open.

To replicate a tennis court, we built a custom covered stage with additional flats along the wall to create the play area. With the correct surface constructed, the image from 8 projectors were blended to achieve a seamless projection, encompassing the floor and wall.

Minimising shadows and keeping the image looking crisp was paramount with guests running, jumping and simulating tennis moves on the surface. It was an interesting challenge, not least with the tight pre-production time that we worked with, but with 8 short throw projectors and a Christie Spyder seamlessly blending the image, we thought the end result was pretty special.

Some simple room lighting added to the ambience but we were mindful not to take anything away from the hero: the tennis court. General lighting was also fitted for the media who turned out to interview Djokovic.

As always, we would like to thank our amazing client, Light Year Productions. Not to mention Exposure, who created the content, as well as Alt/Shift PR agency. And finally, the people whose dream we made a reality, Asics.

Using Christie Spyder, Panasonic projection, 038:1 Panasonic lens, Soundscraft Si, JBL PRX audio and Proshop Hercules.








Light Year Productions