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Annual Industry Awards & After Party

Collaborating closely with a prominent media agency, we developed and delivered a highly dynamic visual spectacle for their industry VIP Awards Night. Utilising projection mapping and a combination of hi tech room lighting, our Technical Directors created the event’s industrial vintage theme with loads of wow factor. We also managed the complete design and custom production of all the opening and awards show content as per client’s specifications, as well as staging, lighting design and audio for the Awards After Party.

Using Barco HDX – W18 Flex WUXGA Projectors, WATCHOUT6, Projections Screens, LightSky AqauBeams, Robe FT1500 Fogger and M-7 RGBA LED Fog Jet.




Sydney Town Hall




Broken Yellow, The Monkey’s Cobbler


Prominent Media Agency


Jayson De Abreu, Director, Austage Events

Jayson De Abreu


Jayson has been in the Audio-Visual Industry for over 20 years. Throughout Australia and across the Asia Pacific Region, there are not many premier venues that he has not worked in.

Starting as a junior technician in the first Austage warehouse on Mitchell Road Jayson has had the pleasure of witnessing and contributing to the Austage Events business as it grew from its early beginnings, to the national brand it is today. Jayson has literally lived and breathed live events for most of his life. Having been raised in and around the theatre industry as a child, watching his parents Joe and Colleen work across all the theatres in Sydney. From his family’s deep history in theatre and audio-visual events, Jayson has seen the technology shift from the days of Slide Projection and Graphic Sets through to the Ultra High Definition realm of projection and mapping we find ourselves in today. Supported by excellent teams of technicians (his brothers in arms) in each office across Australia, Jayson has the rewarding job of working with Australia’s leading minds in the Event Industry.

He is grateful and proud of the diligent work achieved by all Austage Events employees, maintaining the high standards set by his mentor and father Joe De Abreu. Jayson passionately supports Chelsea Football Club and loves his Holden V8s.