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Event Pre-Visualisation

With event technologies always expanding, it is becoming harder to picture how your event may look.

Austage has developed industry-leading techniques to accurately show how an event can come together, before any equipment has left the warehouse. 

Our renders are created from the same CAD plans we use to ensure millimetre accuracy, allowing us to model your design, from the presenter’s view on stage, to the “worst” seat at the back of the room.

Whether it’s a small conference, or large scale fashion event, the ability to bridge the gap between creative concepts, and technical execution can not only help sell an idea, but also avoid any costly changes onsite.

We think the results speak for themselves…

David Jones Runway Render VAMFF 2019 David Jones Runway VAMFF 2019

Designing for COVID-19

As we look to returning to live events in a COVID Safe way, pre-visualisation can play a vital role for both the audience experience, and safety planning.

Planning for live shows in 2020 has presented unique challenges for events of all categories and sizes.

How will the audience move around a venue, and interact with others while maintaining physical distancing?
How will the venue look and feel with half or even quarter of its regular capacity?
Can virtual audience members participate and engage in a meaningful way as if they were in the room?

Pre visualisation can help take the guess work out of the guest journey as we design events that don’t look quite like anything we’ve done before. It can even help convey the online guest experience.

Get in touch with the team to discuss the best options for your next live, online or hybrid events.

A render of a fashion show at Flemington Racecource
A render of a bus launch for Scania Australia
A render for a live awards event
A render showing a gala dinner design
A render of the arrivals plaza for Melbourne Fashion Festival